LED car interior lights

LED car interior lights





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LED car interior lights for a pimped out car interior

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Pimp out your car with this LED kit so your ride is blue as can be. Easy to turn your car interior intoa pimped out love machine! LEDGlow’s 4 Piece Blue Interior Lighting Kit adds a custom blue illumination to  your vehicle’s interior, and comes packed with an assortment of features at an  affordable price. Our LED interior light kits includes four 9 inch tubes with 18 ultra-bright,  wide angle blue LEDs per tube giving you a total of 72 LEDs in each kit.     

  • 72 Ultra-Bright Blue LEDs with 18 Wide Angle LEDs per Tube
  • Easy to Use Control Box with Sound Activation Option & Sensitivity Wheel
  • Multiple Lighting Patterns Available Include Strobing, Fading, Chasing Effects & 7 Brightness Levels
  • Installation Instructions & Mounting Hardware Included
  • One Year Limited Warranty & Free Technical

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