Wide angle lens for iphone 5

wide angle lens for iphone 5





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Fish-eye,macro and super wide angle lens for iphone 5

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The Snugg S-Lens is a 3 in 1 adaptive photo lens for the iPhone 5 and offers a Fish-eye, Macro and Super-wide option in one quick and easy to attach lens. The iPhone has a pretty decent camera, yet any photographer knows it is the lens that really makes the difference. This lens offers 3 options for taking cool iPhone photos so get it and get snapping.

  • iPhone 5 adaptive Lens has Fish-eye, macro and super-wide options available in one handy lens attachement
  • Includes a Super-wide lens for an extra viewing area – giving you around 100% extra the viewing size than your regular iPhone
  • The Macro lens gives you a 12-15 mm focus point, which is about 10xmore than your iPhone lense on it’s own
  • The Fish-eye lens allows you to capture awesome shots with the 180 Degree view
  • Snugg offers Quality for a better result

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